How well do you know League of Legends? We hope it’s enough to find some hidden secrets in a commercial released by Kia.

Kia made company history when it became the main sponsor of the LEC for the 2019 seasons, the company’s first entry to esports. To commemorate, kia released a video filled with League of Legends easter eggs. Can you spot them all?

Featured in the promotional video, the Kia Stinger, Stonic, Niro, Ceed and Sportage models all sport custom license plates with famous dates encrypted onto the license plates. Small hint, one of them might just be the birthday of the unkillable demon king.

Other goodies for fans such as arsenal from the game itself, cameos from famous champions in the game, stunning visual effects, all sprinkled in with some humor that’s bound to make fans of the game laugh equal a well-telegraphed video to introduce fans of the LEC to Kia’s brand.

Do you know whose birthdays are featured on the license plates? Is the opponent’s base in danger? Oh, and pay attention to the air as you might just see something swoop into your view.

Below are some of what we have found:

1: Pugmaw

2: LEC Logo on the suitcase

3: LEC Logo on the billboard

4: Quinn’s Valor

5: Maokai

6: Inside a carrier (Weapons of Characters)

7: Car number plates

Stinger – Teemo - TOP109 (sOAZ’s birthday)

Stonic – Ari - MID507 (FAKER’s BIRTHDAY)

Niro - Lucian - ADC920. (Rekkles’s BIRTHDAY)

Ceed – Janna - SUP112. (Mikyx’s BIRTHDAY)

Sportage - Leesin - JGL812 (Broxah’s BIRTHDAY)