Apex Legends Stat Tracker: How to Track Your Stats

Apex Legends stat tracker is beginning to pop up online as players become more invested in the booming battle royale. While the game itself does track certain statistics to display on players' banners, many are inaccessible to players in-game, especially without crafting materials. Third party stat trackers are so far hamstrung by those banner options.

Apex Legends Stat Tracker

​The only way to find out information about your stats in Apex Legends is to unlock all the in-game stat tracking you can, either by opening loot boxes and hoping for the best or by paying in-game currency for each stat individually.

Because those stats are gated behind micro transactions, third party trackers such as ​Apex Tracker and ​Apex Tab can't access them before they've been unlocked. Those sites are also only able to scrape information about the active legend for each player, so seeing stats for a second legend requires going into the game itself and changing legends.

Third party sites are still working on ways to retrieve more detailed information and ways to make it available without forcing players to unlock each stat individually. For now, we're stuck in the dark.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts