​The Shanghai Dragons lost both its opening week matches in Overwatch League Season 2, extending their record-breaking loss streak to 0-42.

The ​Overwatch League team and its fans came into Season 2 with high hopes. The roster has been completely revamped, retaining only three members from the Season 1 squad while replacing all seven other players. Yet still, the team remains without a single win in its entire Overwatch League history.

The team's opening matches were admittedly challenging ones. It faced off first on Friday against the Hangzhou Spark, an expansion team fans and experts expected to perform well in the league. Shanghai managed to take one match in the series, but ultimately fell 1-3.

The next day, the Dragons took on the Vancouver Titans. The Titans, whose lineup previously competed in Contenders Korea as Runaway, also proved a difficult opponent. The Dragons crumbled against the upstarts, failing to take a single map.

Shanghai will next take the stage this coming Friday against the Boston Uprising. A loss there would mean waiting another week to play the Chengdu Hunters in what is likely the team's best chance to end the streak. For now, the Dragons remains the best losing team in the league.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard