Apex Legends leaks hinted at upcoming characters and game modes over the weekend, as data miners uncovered files within the game alluding to both.

Per ​Dexerto, the data mines indicate two new legends on their way to the game. The first, named Wattson, has an ability called the Tesla Trap. He appears to be linked to electricity.

Apex Legends Leaks: New Characters and Modes Possibly Coming

The second legend is named Octane. The ability of his that data miners uncovered has something to do with a stim pack, which makes sense given his name.

According to ​PC Magazine, data miners also found references to a survival game mode and to team deathmatch, though specifics for both remain vague. It's possible the survival game mode would feature non-player characters reacting to the action, and even to a number of hosts the player can choose from.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has stayed quiet thus far on new content for the game outside of the details provided in its original roadmap.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts