Joel McHale Overwatch took over the internet as the actor/comedian was spotted at the opening weekend of the Overwatch League. The actor from the hit show Community donned the purple shield of the hometown Los Angeles Gladiators and cheered on the team along with other enthusiastic supporters against the San Francisco Shock. 

Joel McHale Overwatch: Actor/Comedian Spotted at OWL

In an interview with Malik Forte, McHale led a chant of "Shields Up" that rejuvenated Gladiators fans. The "paid actor" also called out the Shock for not having their own chant. 

Besides the sitcom Community, McHale also starred in Spy Kids and Ted. McHale has a past of supporting esports, as he teamed up with Markiplier in the Fortnite Pro-Am, where he outlasted Ninja to much amusement. 

The Gladiators had another brush with fame as they were specifically mentioned on the Netflix show "One Day at a Time". Other celebrities such as actor Owen Wilson, singer Bon Jovi, and NBA players Jarret Allen and D'Angelo Russel have also attended live OWL matches. 

The 2019 Overwatch League had a strong start that although ​paled in comparison to last year, proved entertaining nonetheless. Check out the scores from​ Day 1 of competition and stay tuned for more articles wrapping up the first week of the OWL.


Photo courtesy of the Overwatch League