PUBG Mobile Server Not Responding: How to Fix

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PUBG Mobile server not responding can ruin any good PUBG Mobile player's day, especially when that error appears repeatedly. The error message provides very little helpful information, leaving the reason for the lack of response utterly opaque. There are, however, a few troubleshooting tips and tricks to get around this problem. Here's how to do them.

PUBG Mobile Server Not Responding: How to Fix

The first step in fixing the "PUBG Mobile server not responding" problem is to ensure your internet connection is strong and stable enough to play the game in the first place. Double check that your phone is connected to the right Wi-Fi network, and not trying to play the game through cellular data.

Once the Wi-Fi connection is confirmed working, the solution requires futzing with the DNS server in your phone's internet settings. For iOS, head to your Wi-Fi settings. Select your Wi-Fi network, then change the DNS server from automatic to manual. Enter the address either for Google DNS or OpenDNS, then save your settings. Those addresses are as follows:

Google DNS


On Android, the first step is also to head to your Wi-Fi settings. Long tap your network to bring up the Modify Network option. Enter your password, then choose Advanced Settings. Find the IP Settings field. Replace DHCP with Static. Scroll down to the DNS 1 and DNS 2 fields and input your desired DNS.

On either device, it can be helpful to restart once the new DNS is put in place. Once your phone is back online, the PUBG Mobile error should be gone, letting you get back to gaming.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp