An Overwatch update went live Tuesday and includes Paris, the newest Overwatch map, which hit live servers as part of Overwatch Patch 1.33.01.

The ​Overwatch map feels at once futuristic and ancient, calling on the city's real world history with locations like the Maison Marat. Jean-Paul Marat was a famous French revolutionary figure, and the theme of revolution recurs throughout the map. Graffiti calling for Omnic rights can be found on the city's walls, hidden in alleyways between the city's various boutique stores and patisseries.

Players spawn in the Cabaret Luna, a bar featuring the Omnic singer of the same name crooning out tunes in French. From there, they can explore restaurants and boulevards, and even sneak peeks at the Eiffel Tower.

Blizzard ​first revealed Paris Jan. 30, the same day it arrived on the Public Test Region. It is the first new assault map in Overwatch since Horizon Lunar Colony, which Blizzard released in June 2017.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard