An Overwatch update that went live Tuesday, Overwatch Patch, includes changes to armor and shields, which will receive damage in a new order.

In ​Overwatch, damage moves through a hero's health types in a specific order. Shields were consumed by damage first, followed by armor, before finally players began to lose their base health pool.

In the past, non-recoverable shields were melted first, followed by recoverable shields, then by non-recoverable armor, recoverable armor, non-recoverable health, and finally recoverable health.

Overwatch Update

Blizzard decided this order was problematic, as it allowed players to preserve non-recoverable health types behind recoverable health types. Under the new system, all non-recoverable health types will be consumed first, beginning with shields, then armor, and then health. Once all non-recoverable health is removed, attacks will start to eat away at recoverable health types.

Overwatch Paris Map Release 

Overwatch Patch also introduced ​the game's newest map, Paris, as its first assault map since Horizon Lunar Colony released in June 2017.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard