Are the Dark Ones in Metro Exodus?

Are the Dark Ones in Metro Exodus? These mysterious, often frightening creatures have been a mainstay in the series, guiding the story for the last two Metro games. But do they appear in Metro Exodus? 

Beware: Spoilers ahead for Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and Metro Exodus.

Are the Dark Ones in Metro Exodus?

​The Dark Ones are a sentient race of beings in the Metro series. Because of their frightening appearance and telepathic abilities, humans often mistake them as hostile. Artyom, the series' main character, met a Dark One when he was a child. Not knowing they could be dangerous, he became immune to their psychological effects through contact. As an adult, however, he lost his memory of the meeting.

In Metro 2033, the canonical ending has Artyom destroy what is believed to be the only Dark Ones nest. Only a single Dark One baby survives. At the start of Metro Last Light, Artyom sets out to destroy the last living Dark One, but learns along the way that it isn't aggressive. In a change of plans, Artyom saves the baby Dark One and discovers a hidden nest of hibernating Dark Ones.

At the end of Metro Last Light, the Dark Ones intervene to save Artyom and his companions. They then decide to leave humans behind for a while before promising to return one day.

That promise goes unfulfilled in Metro Exodus. The Dark Ones never make an appearance in the game. Artyom does receive hallucinations, though, suggesting the Dark Ones haven't faded completely from the game and its world.

Metro Exodus is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Photo courtesy of 4A Games/Deep Silver