5 Best Kayle Skins

Kayle skins are on the minds of League of Legends fans after the rework to twin sisters Kayle and Morgana, announced Tuesday, gave both a visual overhaul to better fit them into the evolving art style of 2019 League of Legends. Kayle also received a total rework of all her abilities, most interestingly a change to her passive that sees her gradually ascend as the game progresses. In the spirit of ascension, here are the five best Kayle skins.

5. Transcended Kayle

Transcended Kayle seems to be the replacement for Unmasked Kayle and fittingly for the Aspect of Justice, it shows her in a heavenly glory. The glowing eyes and slightly inhuman face (staring directly ahead instead of at the kneeling worshiper) all give off a distinct sense of the uncanny valley; fitting, perhaps, for the sister who gave up her mortality to fulfill her duty. 

4. Silver Kayle

Silver has long been considered a mystical metal. It is considered to have healing properties in many cultures, but is also deadly to fantastic creatures, most famously lethal to werewolves. It's fitting, then, that Kayle can be clad in silver, as a champion against the dark who can protect with one hand and smite evil with the other.

3. Aether Wing Kayle

One of the Kayle's most popular skins retains its value post-update. With its combination of magic and technology, the Aether Wing skin ensures Kayle doesn't visually clash with the fantasy aesthetic of Summoner's Rift. While it does bear her face (and for some that alone is a positive), it retains her distant superiority with the darkened eyes and glowing backdrop. 

2. Riot Kayle

But as much as it's important to stick to character, sometimes a switch from the norm can be refreshing. Enter Riot Kayle, easily the most human of Kayle's incarnations. Here merely an operative of the police force on the job, decked out in high-tech gear instead of elevated by holy purpose, Riot Kayle has an easy-going smile and tomboyish ponytail to give her a down-to-earth homeliness that makes her seem more approachable. 

1. Judgement Kayle

The best skin is one that truly encapsulates Kayle's character, and Judgement Kayle reminds players that at the end of the day, Kayle is the Judicator. Dressed as the classic figure of justice as a blinded woman holding the scales to weigh a person's soul, Judgement Kayle strikes an imposing figure. Her exposed mouth is unsmiling, and it serves as a haunting reminder that this godly figure was once a human, but is now something more.

Images courtesy of Riot Games