Overwatch Assault maps, also known as Two Capture Point or 2CP for short, are alternately the most exciting and the most frustrating maps in the game. The maps' first points give defenders an entrenched position that can be difficult to dislodge, but the true test of a team's skill comes on the second point. That's where last minute stalls and crazy clutch plays make the difference between wins.

Paris is the ​newest Assault map, but how does it stack up against the rest of the pool? Here are all of Overwatch's Assault maps ranked from worst to best.

5. Horizon Lunar Colony

When it first release, Horizon Lunar Colony's second point was a disaster to take for attackers. The defenders' spawn stood so close to the point that it was often more efficient for defenders to dip into spawn to heal rather than wait for support to refill their health. Blizzard has changed the map significantly since then, but it remains a pain to push through.

4. Paris

Paris is brand new, so placing it any higher than this would be short sighted at best. Its playability remains to be explored, but its sheer beauty gives it a massive boost in these rankings.

3. Hanamura

Hanamura's sakura-covered battlefield also receives a ranking boost for its beauty. That visual appeal helps overcome the map's initial choke point, which is as difficult to push as any other on this list.

2. Temple of Anubis

Temple of Anubis may lack the visual flair of many of the other locations on this list, but its gameplay has always fascinated. The number of approach angles and off-the-wall strategies played on Anubis make it a truly special map, even if its also the most susceptible to steamrolling.

1. Volskaya Industries

Volskaya's frigid factory floor may have played host to more desperate defends than any other map. Like Anubis, Volskaya allows an enormous range of approaches, making it a treat to play from either side.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard