Overwatch GOATS Meaning: What Does 'Going GOATS' Mean?

Overwatch GOATS meaning is an acronym everyone should know​, especially if one has intentions of either increasing their SR or watching the Overwatch League. Hearing "Let's go GOATS," can either be a confusing or intuitive for players in competitive play. 

So, what does GOATS exactly mean in terms of Overwatch? Here's the definitive meaning. 

Overwatch GOATS Meaning: What Does 'Going GOATS' Mean?

Going GOATS means to pick ​Overwatch heroes Lucio and Brigitte alongside another healer and three more tanks. Basically your hero composition is three tanks and three supports. Extending out on a limb, maybe the GOATS acronym, in Overwatch, could mean, "Go all tanks and supports." ​It's kind of close...

It's more about playing a composition made famous by Overwatch Contenders team GOATS. Overwatch League broadcast members, since the start of Season 2, have veered away from saying the term on stream, though a reason is not known. Instead, you can hear them say "Triple Triple," which is essentially the same thing. 

Either way, if someone on your team calls for GOATS, find your best support or healer available and get ready for a clown fiesta. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment