​League of Legends Prestige skins received another addition to the lineup Wednesday when Prestige K/DA Ahri was added to the game's Public Beta Environment. 

League of Legends Prestige Skins: K/DA Ahri Added​​

K/DA Ahri, a K-Pop inspired skin in League of Legends, received a Prestige edition featuring golden flamed tails. The skin joins Blood Mood Aatrox, K/DA Kai'Sa and Firecracker Vayne in the Prestige lineup. 

The trend seems to point toward Riot Games introducing at least one new Prestige edition skin per special League of Legends in-game event. Such was the case with Firecracker Vayne, though there's been no confirmation on intended releases for the special skins.

For an in-depth guide on how to unlock Prestige skins, because they're not available for purchase with Riot Points, ​check out our guide here.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Skin Spotlight