How many people are playing Battlefield 5? The game came out with a classic Electronic Arts staggered release in November. Players first gained early access to the game through the EA Access subscription Nov. 9, then Nov. 15 through pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition, and finally players who bought the standard game got to play Nov. 20. But how many players remain now, a couple months later?

How Many People are Playing Battlefield 5?

Unlike with other Battlefield titles, no website currently exists to keep track of the active players in Battlefield 5. Because EA doesn't release player count data the same ​way Valve does, it has throttled knowledge of the Battlefield 5 player count.

​The closest thing to player count information publicly available is EA's disappointment with sales numbers, which closed 2018 at 7.3 million copies sold. EA CEO Andrew Wilson declared the game's sales a disappointment Feb. 5, blaming reasons as diverse as the game's marketing, its lack of a battle royale mode, and a competitive release window.

Photo courtesy of EA DICE/Electronic Arts