Baptiste Overwatch was all the talk after a new ​Overwatch teaser hinted that Baptiste might be Hero 30. In a ​te​aser released on Thursday, Baptiste was name-dropped as a character on the run from the shadowy organization ​Talon

In an accompanying ​blog post styled as a field report, it is revealed that Captain D. Cuerva is a Talon agent who led a team in search of Jean-Baptiste Augustine, a former member of the sinister organization who'd deserted for unknown reasons. 

Baptiste is shown as as a ruthless individual unafraid of taking Talon operatives hostages to goad Cuerva into chasing after him. Cuerva reveals that he'd trained Baptiste, but even he was surprised by how excellent a marksman Baptiste was. Cuerva believes that there is a chance Baptiste may rejoin Talon, but that if not it will be a battle to the death. 

Baptiste Overwatch: Why Baptiste Might be Hero 30

Although presented through the eyes of Cuerva, Baptiste was the focus of this teaser. Further, with the Archives event upcoming, it would provide an excellent opportunity to debut a lore-heavy character such as one related to the central villains Talon. 

Further, it has been several months since the ​release of Ashe, hero 29, and it has been confirmed by Overwatch's lead designer Jeff Kaplan that hero 30 was in the ​playable stages of development, and that ​it was not the character Echo teased in the ​McCree cinematic "Reunion." 

The indication that Baptiste was a medic implies that he may be a Support hero, and the references to his excellent shooting implies it will involve a high level of mechanics. The most recently released Support hero was Brigitte. Many fans had hoped that Hero 30 would be a Tank hero. 

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment