Cuerva Overwatch is the talk of the internet. While everyone's looking at Baptiste, it's possible that Cuerva might be Overwatch's Hero 30 instead. In the recent ​teaser released on Thursday, a ​blog post was released in the style of a mission report for the Talon organization that looks to start a war for their own unknown, presumably nefarious purposes. 

In the blog post, the report reads that the logs of a strike team had been recovered. The strike team was led by Captain D. Cuerva, a high-ranking Talon operative looking to recapture or eliminate a deserter called Jean-Baptiste Augustin. 

Cuerva Overwatch: Why Cuerva Might be Hero 30

The majority of the field log focuses on Baptiste, who is likely as a playable character with the amount of information surrounding potential playstyles such as references to Baptiste's marksmanship and role as a medic. 

However, this would not be the first time players and fans were mislead by information. Orisa came seemingly out of the blue for most fans, who had been expecting Doomfist as the next playable hero. 

Cuerva is a Talon operative who, unlike the ambiguous Baptiste, is decidedly on the side of the villainous organization. Further, there is hope that rather than a Support as Baptiste seems to be, Cuerva could be a Tank character, a role which many believe is extremely under-served. 

However, this is all fairly unlikely and is a bit of a long shot, and ​Baptiste is the far more probable choice

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment