Overwatch Story Mode: Three Reasons Blizzard Should Add it

Overwatch story mode is a much requested addition to the game from fans. Overwatch has been out for nearly three years now, but it still lacks a dedicated Story or Campaign Mode. Here are three arguments for why the game should implement one.

3. It's Already Happened

Blizzard has already teased players with what the gameplay in story mode could feel like. In the 2017 Uprising and 2018 Retribution events, players formed teams of four to take on hordes of enemy Omnics as they advanced around the map. 

These missions explained Tracer's first mission and a failed Blackwatch mission to capture a criminal. Though a single player mode has not been revealed yet, these two missions have been quite popular. 

2. It Enhances the Story Surrounding the Heroes

What makes Overwatch special is its diverse range of heroes from all nationalities, identities, and species. Although every hero has a basic backstory, players could feel even closer to the heroes they play as if they were able to play as them in a campaign setting. 

For example, the player base could learn more about the mysterious backstories of Soldier 76, Ana, or Reaper, just to name a few key characters. Perhaps one day, every hero will get their own story mode.

1. Another Immersive Way to Play

Adding a new game mode is exactly what Blizzard needs to revitalize Overwatch. The players today spend most of their time in the competitive slug fest searching for gains in SR. It is a stressful process and it would be nice every once in a while for players to relax a bit and play against tough AI challenges within an immersive story. 

Overwatch is a game built around teamwork, so the game designers could further test players by pitting them against the puzzles of a story mode.

 Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment