​Overwatch error LC-202 is a problem players might find themselves encounter now and again. Here is what the error means and how players can easily fix it.

Overwatch Error LC-202: How to Fix

The error is a general disconnect error, and is usually on the player's end rather than a problem with Blizzard's servers. ​

Blizzard also has a tool for console users to use in order to double check if players are able to connect to Blizzard's servers. Using the browser on the player's console, open the Looking Glass website to determine if players are able to connect to Blizzard's servers directly.

Players should try to reset their routers and consoles to see if it will fix the problem. Running a connection test on the player's console might also help players out. If the problem persists even resetting, Blizzard's customer service Twitter usually announces when there are server or connectivity problems for certain platforms. It will also respond to messages from users to help troubleshoot any problems.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard