Anthem Stronghold List: What Strongholds Are Available?

Anthem Stronghold list includes only a few entries despite being one of the hallmark pieces of the Anthem experience. These special dungeons offer unique, replayable experiences to players who are looking for things to do after completing much of the story. Here are all three listed.

Anthem Stronghold List: Tyrant Mine

The Tyrant Mine Stronghold is unlocked at level seven, and was previously available in the demo version of the game. It requires at least two players to complete and takes place in the Academy Ruins, tasking players with silencing three Relics and destroying a Swarm tyrant.

Anthem Stronghold List: Heart of Rage

The Heart of Rage is described in-game as a violent cataclysm created by the Dominion. Players can unlock it by completing the story mission "Return to the Heart of Rage." It culminates in a multi-stage battle with the Monitor.

Anthem Stronghold List: The Temple of Scar

The Temple of Scar is also unlocked by completing "Return to the Heart of Rage." It sends players into a Scar Nest, where they must find and defeat an enemy named Scelos.

Those are all the Strongholds currently available in Anthem. It's like BioWare will add more to the game later on, but for now, players can focus on a manageable three Strongholds.

Photo courtesy of BioWare/Electronic Arts