McGravy Overwatch, better known as Caleb "McGravy" McGarvey, made his ​Overwatch League debut Thursday for the Florida Mayhem against the Guangzhou Charge. Despite ​ending the day 1-2 in maps and the Mayhem ultimately falling to the Guangzhou 2-3, McGravy will definitely be the talking point for the Florida Mayhem with his glittering debut. 

Despite this series being his first OWL match, McGravy has played near the top of the North American Overwatch scene for near one and a half years. Initially a DPS player for EnVision eSports, McGravy switched to the Off-Tank/Flex position in mid-2017. After EnVision disbandedMcGravy and his EnVision teammates signed to ​Team Envy, academy team of the Dallas Fuel, in July 2018. He then signed to the Florida Mayhem and was ​announced as a member of the lineup last week.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, McGravy's teams typically fell in the top four of tournaments, with a recurring foe in Fusion University, academy team of the Philadelphia Fusion. In eight matches, McGravy beat Fusion University once. 

Prior to his OWL debut, McGravy was generally competent but otherwise unremarkable, a reliable player in a role which rarely receives praise or glory. 

This was not the case for his first series against the up-and-coming Charge, a team slated heavy favorites in its match against Florida. Despite Guangzhou winning in the end, it was definitely more of a fight than most expected. 

Although McGravy played well in the series individually, it is difficult to draw conclusive results from this series. The Charge looked disorganized and is a somewhat hot-and-cold team, and the Mayhem is unlikely to reach the playoffs in current form and relied on chaotic off-meta strategies and play styles that disrupted the loose Guangzhou formation. 

McGravy's own history as solid but not special makes it interesting to see if this is a one-off performance in the honeymoon period of a new team or if he has elevated his play and will prosper in his new environment. 

Regardless, it remains a strong start and McGravy has definitely caught public interest. In a roster that has floundered somewhat in terms of players worth watching now that Jung-woo "Sayaplayer" Ha and his famous Widowmaker are on the bench, the story of McGravy and his potential progression are worth keeping an eye on. 

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment