Metro Exodus Ending Explained: Good and Bad Endings

​Metro Exodus ending explained will clear up the story and also give fans an idea why they received the ending they did. There is a good and bad ending in Metro Exodus and the choices players make throughout the game will affect which ending they end up with.

Here are the different Metro Exodus endings explained.

Metro Exodus Endings Explained

Choices players make during their playthrough of Metro Exodus will affect which ending they find themselves in at the end of the game. ​The game's morality system, which will also be put into effect when it decides ​whether Duke lives or dies, will be crucial to the player's progression toward a specific ending. 

Players who want to get the good ending will need to play the game without unnecessarily killing certain people. Those who are not immediately hostile toward the player shouldn't be killed, and it will also help if players knock people out from behind as they use stealth as opposed to stabbing and killing them. If enemies give up in fear, players should try to back off, too. Those who are looking for the bad ending will have to kill everyone, including all slaves, prisoners, and so on.

Certain decisions that players make cannot be undone, and will be denoted by a black and white screen that appears for a few seconds. Players will need to load the game from a previous start point or start a new file if they believe the decision will impact their ending in a way they don't want it to. 

Spoilers for both endings ahead. 

Metro Exodus Good Ending vs. Bad Ending

The Metro Exodus ending, no matter if it's good or bad, takes place in Dead City where Artyom searches for medicine for Anna. He succumbs to the radiation from Dead City and he dies. He is buried and Anna lives, but she is upset with him for leaving her alone.

In the good ending, the radiation almost gets Artyom, but Colonel Miller saves him just in time. Colonel Miller sacrifices himself and gives Artyom the last dose of anti-rad. Although Colonel Miller dies, Artyom will live and deliver the medicine -- which keeps Anna alive, too. The game will end with Miller's burial, where the characters promise to create a home for the other survivors with Artyom as their leader.

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