Gladd Banned From Anthem: Streamer Banned and Accused of Exploitation

Gladd banned from Anthem caught the attention of fans Saturday when Gladd posted a new video explaining he was unable to play Anthem permanently. In a video posted to YouTube, Gladd explained he was banned for exploitation, though he doesn't agree with Bioware's decision.

Gladd Banned From Anthem

For those who aren't aware of Gladd, he is a streamer and YouTuber that was active in the Anthem community. He was often seen promoting Anthem before its official release and would continue playing Anthem to farm various items and more as he played the game. 

As he explained in the video, Gladd heard of an effective way to farm loot that was very rare and did it on stream as fans watched him. The drop rate for the specific loot was not intended to be as high as it was, apparently, as it was patched out later. The "exploit" garnered more attention afterward, but it appears that Bioware is blaming Gladd for it.

Anthem has had a slew of issues from the get-go.

If players are loading Anthem and find themselves faced with "error retrieving Anthem live service," they're not alone. Many players began reporting the error as they attempting to enter the game.

Some players reported continuously trying to log in despite the error message eventually allowed them to enter the servers. Another way to fix it, according to reports of the same error message that would appear during the demo, would require players to change the game language.

After opening up the Origin client, players should select Anthem and right-click to select "game properties." Fans should then click on advanced launch options and then change the game's language

Cover photo courtesy of Bioware