Pokémon Gun isn't a real game, but that didn't stop Mexican newspaper La Voz de Michoacán​ from including its art in the paper's coverage.

Pokémon Gun Appears in Mexican Newspaper

In the wake of the Nintendo Direct announcing Pokémon Sword and Shield, Twitter user @Sir5000 made an image of a third title called Pokémon Gun. He tweeted out his meme image alongside the art for the real games as a joke on their titles. The joke, of course, is that Pokémon Gun is too ridiculous to believe. At least for most people.

La Voz de Michoacán didn't seem to think so, as it included Sir5000's image both in its online and print coverage of the Nintendo announcement. Twitter user ​@Cin_Ceja spotted both instances and shared them online, furthering the viral blow up of Sir5000's original tweet.

La Voz de Michoacán didn't mention Pokémon Gun in the article alongside the art, but did go so far as to scrub Sir5000's watermark from the image, and to add Grooky appearing to reach for the gun in the fake logo.

The paper issued an apology for the mistake Sunday, but the meme lives on.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo/Sir5000