CSGO Case Opening Simulator: 3 Best Sites to Try

CSGO ​Case Opening Simulator sites can be a great way to experience the fun of opening Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cases without spending a cent.

Case opening simulator sites are an excellent way to have fun without spending any money in CS:GO. The microtransactions in CS:GO are entirely cosmetic, and many players enjoy collecting and trading weapon skins. 

These weapon skins can sometimes cost thousands of dollars, a price that’s out of the price ranges of many CS:GO players. Case opening simulator sites allow players to have some fun for free.

CSGO Case Opening Simulator: 3 Sites to Try

Here are three of the best case opening simulator sites for ​CS:GO.


​QualityMemes is very simple to use and understand. It easily allows users to view how much money the skins they won would be worth. It also shows users how much it would have cost to really open the cases in CS:GO.

The only drawback to QualityMemes is that it doesn’t feature some of more recent CS:GO Cases.

CS:GO Case Simulator by Kovlag

​Kovlag’s case opening simulator is an app that is accessible on the Microsoft store. This allows users to simulate opening cases right from their machine. Kovlag’s simulator has the most fancy graphics and appearance of the case opening simulator sites, but it also doesn’t include some of the more recent CS:GO cases.

ConVars’ Case Opening Simulator

​ConVars’ Case Opening Simulator is far and away the best case opening simulator currently available. ConVars’ has the widest offering of available cases among the sites, and also lets users simulate opening Souvenir and Capsule packages.

Photo courtesy of Valve