5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 9.5

Junglers breathe a sigh of relief as the jungle remains untouched for one patch more, and while there are several changes in the upcoming League of Legends patch notes, none affect the jungle too excessively. 

Thus, this latest Top 5 doesn't see much mobility, save for one particular champion whose changes actually significantly saw her shoot up the rankings. Thus, here are the five best junglers for Patch 9.5.

5. Karthus

Magic damage is all the rage in League of Legends, and when Karthus is on the field then buying magic resist items is a near necessity.
Magic damage is all the rage in League of Legends, and when Karthus is on the field then buying magic resist items is a near necessity. /

Though suffering somewhat from early invades before getting the levels/abilities/items to fight off anyone foolish enough to step close to Deathsinger, Karthus is a dangerous gank threat with his Wall of Pain (W) slow and shredding magic resist. And of course, nothing is quite as satisfying as making enemies quiver before the treat of his might Requiem (R) artillery. 

The Spider Queen breaks the Top 5 for the first time, but in reality she's always a Top 10 pick for the jungle. A reliable long-range stun, good camp clear speed, and dangerous ganking power means Elise is always a decent jungler. She rises in picks this patch due to the new strengths of invades necessitating stronger early-game junglers, and while her late-game power isn't great, she is exceptional at early ganks and can always threaten with her Cocoon (E) stun. 

Tanky, strong crowd control, decent utility, and possible to hide as a flex pick, Jarvan IV is a faithfully reliable pick into the jungle. Though seeing some play in the top lane, Jarvan remains staunchly capable as a jungler. In particular, his strength is consistent across the entirety of the game, making him dependable in any team composition. 

The Void Burrower appears on the Top 5 list for the first time in 2019, courtesy of the buffs to her ratios and ultimate. Her major disadvantage is that she becomes near-useless in the late-game, but for the first twenty-so minutes she is a true terror with a near-unavoidable ultimate that has huge range for her engages, strong invade power against scaling foes, and reliable ganks with Tremor Sense from her Burrow/Un-burrow (W) ability. 

At this point Riot might as well make a Tarzan-themed skin for Lee Sin, because the Blind Monk continues to reign as the king of the jungle. And while that title is a misnomer for lions, it definitely fits Lee Sin who is the quintessential jungler. With great power at the early levels, huge power spike at Level 6 with his Dragon's Rage (R) ultimate, and still dangerous utility even in late-game with potential for an Insec Kick. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games