CSGO Surf Servers: Best Servers to Play

CSGO surf servers are fun and relaxing ways to unwind in the game and master your movement. So, what are some of the best surf servers to play in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

CSGO Surf Servers: Best Servers to Play

Surfing in CS:GO has been one of the most popular community inventions throughout the history Counter-Strike franchise. Surfing was first invented by a player named mariowned back in 2004. It is still popular to this day.

There are thousands of different surf servers in CS:GO. How can you know which ones are good and not? Here are three of the best surf servers in CS:GO.

KSF Clan Surf Servers

​The KSF Clan Surf Servers offer surf servers for both CS:GO and Counter-Strike: Source. They offer a variety of different aesthetics, difficulties, and server locations. They have servers in both North America and Europe.

The KSF Clan also has an active forum for the surf community to share maps and discuss surfing.


​SurfHeaven is a great set of surf servers. SurfHeaven features more maps that are designed for easy and medium difficulties. These SurfHeaven servers are a great play to start if you’re new to surfing.

The SurfHeaven servers have around 1,800 players who use their servers every day.

The Mariowned Maps

Mariowned, the inventor of surfing in CS:GO, is still producing surf maps to this day. He recently released ​surf_egypt2, and it is is the most popular surfing map currently on the Steam Workshop. Mariowned has developed over 15 different surf maps across the history of Counter-Strike surfing.

Mariowned also streams on Twitch and is an active member of the surf community.

3kliksphilips, one of the most popular Counter-Strike YouTubers,​ recently did a video on the history of Counter Strike surfing with mariowned. 

Cover Photo courtesy of Valve