Rare Player Pack FIFA 19 is one of the most expensive packs available for purchase in the game, in terms of coins and FIFA Points. For some, its contents are worth the price and risk. ​

That begs the question, is it worth it to open Rare Player Packs? 

Here's what you get when opening a Rare Players Pack in FIFA 19. 

​​Rare Player Pack FIFA 19: Is it Worth the Price?

Rare Players Packs, otherwise known as 50K packs, cost 50,000 FUT coins or 1,000 FIFA Points. One pack contains 12 gold players, all rare. It ranks as the third most valuable pack for players behind the Jumbo Rare Players Pack and the Ultimate Pack. 

 In ​FIFA 19, players can view pack odds for what you have a chance at getting when opening a pack. On a given basis, when there are no promotions going on in game, here are the odds for a 50K pack:

- 75+ Player: 100 percent

- 82+ Player: 95 percent

- 88+ Player: 5.2 percent

At those odds, most would decide to just save their coins or points for a 100K or 125K pack, but others are impatient and want to test their luck. It's not a terrible pack to open, but it's not the best. 

Photo courtesy of EA Sports