The newest PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox update a new gun, new attachment​, and more. Here are the five biggest changes in the new patch. 

​​PUBG Xbox Update: 5 Biggest Changes

5. Improvements to Trajectory Guide and Throwables

The trajectory guideline will remain shown properly for players until the throwable item, like grenades and others. This change will help ​PUBG Xbox players know exactly where their thorwables are heading. 

4. New Weather on Vikendi Map

Players can experience a new weather setting on the Vikendi map. The map can now be played at the night with the new moonlight variation. "Although the setting is at night, the big glowing super moon and bright aurora borealis will help you to detect enemies," the post read.

3. Damage Decreased on Helmets and Vests

The damage transfer for helmets and vest were decreased in the new patch, according to PUBG Corp. "This means your armor can sustain more damage before being destroyed," it said. Prior to the change, 100 percent of the damage was transferred to the armor durability. 

2. New Attachment 

The ​Canted Sights attachment is now available for PUBG Xbox players. It can be attached to weapons with a secondary scope slot. There were also a ​few interaction changes made to compensate for the new additions. 

1. Bizon Weapon 

A new SMG weapon was added to PUBG Xbox in the newest update. The gun will only be ​available on a couple of maps but can also be used with the Canted Sights attachment. 

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp