Overwatch Junkrat buff went live on the Overwatch Public Test Region last week. The buff increased his Frag Launcher damage by 20 upon direct impact, meaning the hero will be even more threatening than he already was.

The change will make Junkrat the best counter to GOATS, and might even help the ​Overwatch meta move away from its current state.

​​Junkrat is typically seen as an easy way to counter particularly strong tank heroes, like Reinhardt. A player with good aim that can land the grenades from Junkrat's Frag Launcher will be able to take down a Reinhardt shield with ease. The buff will make Junkrat even better against GOATS -- which theoretically took a hit with the ​new Lúcio nerf

Because the patch is still on the PTR, it's difficult to tell the effect it will have on the meta when it's added to live servers. First impressions of the buff make it appear that Junkrat will be a good way to counter GOATS. 

GOATS is meant to be played close together, and if a Junkrat is positioned elsewhere, the D.Va could fly up to him -- but she won't be able to protect her team from damage, and she will likely be melted down by Junkrat, especially if the fight takes place in closer range. Junkrat's best counters are snipers, but a Widowmaker isn't a traditional part of GOATS. 

The only downside to Junkrat's damage increase is he will likely have his ultimate charge faster than before -- meaning players will experience more RIP-Tires than they would like. The ultimate can be canceled if players shoot at the tire, though in certain elos that might not be a common occurrence

The Junkrat buff will hit live servers ​along with Baptiste, who was introduced as Hero 30. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard