How to Equip Items in Kingdom Hearts 3

​How to equip items in Kingdom Hearts 3 might not be a task as simple as new fans assume it will be. Luckily, there is an easy way to equip items in Kingdom Hearts 3 not only for Sora, but for all party members -- including the world-exclusive characters that fight alongside Sora.

Here is how players can equip items in the game.

How to Equip Items in Kingdom Hearts 3

Equipping items is essential to any player in Kingdom Hearts 3. ​To equip items, players must open the start menu from their controller and then select the Equipment tab. 

Once the tab is selected, players can select which character they want to view equipment for. If players select Sora, for example, they can see what Keyblades he has equipped, which amor and accessories he has, and what items he has equipped. By going to the items portion and clicking on any of the free space available in that part of the screen, players will be able to add items from their item menu. Players can also replace items the same way.

Items can be equipped for any character, including the characters that join Sora's party in each world he travels to.