How to Get J Skills in Jump Force

​How to get J Skills in Jump Force is important knowledge because they are powerful and unique abilities.

How to Get J Skills in Jump Force

Jump Force features special abilities known as “J Skills” that are highly desirable for players to obtain. These abilities are unique to individual fighters and are some of the most iconic abilities in the game.

Many players are wondering how they can achieve more of the J Skills for their favorite fighters in Jump Force. Here’s how you can get more J Skills.

J Skills can be obtained by purchasing them with gold or by completing Art of Abilities missions. Art of Abilities missions are the most efficient way to obtain J Skills for specific characters. If you want to obtain Sasuke Uchiha’s J Skills, you should complete his Art of Abilities missions.

Jump Force was released on Feb. 15. It is a crossover fighting game that features a roster of over 40 characters from various anime. Jump Force is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Cover Photo courtesy of Bandai Namco