Corki Corgi is one of five new skins coming in League of Legends Patch 9.6 as part of the newest League of Legends VS event.

The ​League of Legends event will pit dogs against cats, with two skins representing each side. Corki Corgi is one of the two dog skins. It replaces Corgi's usual flying machine with a wingsuit-wearing Corgi. Corgi and Corki alike sport old school brown leather pilot wear.

Corgi Corki: New Skin Coming in Patch 9.6

The skin features several unique animations. Corki's auto attacks trail rainbows, his Phosphorous Bomb (Q) launches a blue squeaky toy that leaves a giant paw print crater, his Valkyrie (W) leaves more paw print craters, his Gatling Gun (E) sprays rainbows and stars, and his Missile Barrage (R) explodes in a loud squeak.

Corgi Corki is available on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment now. Head ​here for a look at the rest of the skins set to arrive in the event.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games