Choi "inSec" In-seok, legendary South Korean League of Legends player, has retired from the game.

InSec is best known as the namesake for one of the flashiest Lee Sin plays in League of Legends history, a technique that has since proliferated throughout the world. Over the course of his eight year career, inSec has played for teams from South Korea to Europe and competed at one League of Legends World Championship.

InSec began his career in the LCK before moving to China as one of the first South Koreans to join the LPL. He eventually ended up playing alongside fellow all-time great Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao on Star Horn Royal Club, reaching a second place finish at worlds 2014.

InSec returned to South Korea to care for his father, who was battling cancer. In 2018, he left to join Origen in Europe. According to an interview with Inven Global, on the day he was to return to Korea, he learned his father had died. This led inSec to take a hiatus from the game.

Although he eventually returned to competition, he's now ending that return because he could be called into service with the South Korean military at any time. Rather than hurt a team with his sudden departure, he has decided to switch to streaming.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games