Path of Exile skill gems are an essential part of the gameplay experience. These gems give players more spells to cast and make those spells even more powerful. Here's everything you need to know about skill gems.

Path of Exile Skill Gems: Everything You Need to Know

Skill gems in Path of Exile are split into two different types: active skill gems and support skill gems. Active skill gems grant an active skill for players to use in-game, while support skill gems can make those skills more powerful. Both must be equipped in item sockets before use.

Gems are then further divided by color. Red gems correspond to strength, green to agility and blue to intelligence.

Players can earn gems through quest rewards, vendor recipes, random monster drops, and random master offers, as a reward for turning certain sets of divination cards, and from vendors, chests, and strongboxes. 

Gems can be equipped to equipment in gear sockets, with linked sockets allowing players to equip support skill gems.

Photo courtesy of Grinding Gears