PUBG Erangel map rework is on the way, according to an official announcement from PUBG Corp. As PUBG Corp's first outing, Erangel has plenty of ways it can improve. Here are just three for PUBG Corp to investigate as it moves forward with the rework.

PUBG Erangel Map Rework: Add Compounds

Erangel's forested areas are its most defining feature, but all that forest tends to mean a lot of dead space in most games. Players run for minutes without seeing each other, and that lull releases tension rather than building it. Adding new compounds to explore would make a more varied environment, and keep map exploration fresh.

PUBG Erangel Map Rework: Add Loot

One of the main community complaints about Erangel has been the relatively low loot count on the map. Throwing in some more weapons and armor would help keep the game lively, as players in the mid game would still have a chance against those who looted high-intensity areas.

PUBG Erangel Map Rework: Add Islands

Most of the islands around Erangel are essentially useless locations. They're too far from the mainland to land on from the jump, and swimming is so slow that committing to visiting one is basically a death sentence. If PUBG Corp added more islands (and boats), they would become more viable loot locations with an intriguing risk and reward associated with them.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp