League of Legends merchandise can be found on the Riot Games merch store. There, players can find plenty of items for purchase. This includes clothing, posters, art books, figures, pins, plushies, statues, accessories, and more. 

Fans can order the items they'd like to purchase straight off the website, with options to pre-order for certain items. Players will have to have an email account and a payment option (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, PayPal, or Sofort in EU) in order to make a purchase, with the qualification that it must be off their regional store. Orders can be canceled within 30 minutes of placing them on the website. 

League of Legends Merchandise: How to Buy

After purchase, the items will be shipped to the address provided by the customer. The League of Legends store ships to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, most of the European Union, Hungary, Turkey, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, and more. Customs and taxes will be attached to the customer's purchase. All items have the same shipping speed and can be tracked on the merchandise website. 

In the cases of returns, any item is eligible for return so long as it is in the same condition as when received with original packaging. Returns must be done within 45 days of purchase and can be requested by using the website. Return shipping must be handled by the customer. In the event of damaged items, customers can submit a ticket on the Riot Games website

For any queries, players can refer to the Riot Games' merchandise FAQ page

Images courtesy of Riot Games