PUBG failed to Initialize Steam is a bug that has driven the PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS masses crazy of late. But what does this mean and how should players fix this problem?

​​PUBG Failed to Initialize Steam Error

This error might have occurred because the game was not properly installed. As a rule of thumb, makes sure that you have the most current version of the game. Restarting your computer may also resolve any problems.

Start by force restarting the Steam client by ending the task in Task manager. Then, open Steam again and check if the game works.

If not, run Steam as an administrator. Find the program file for Steam and run it as an administrator to make sure you have the all the right privileges. Open ​PUBG again and this should fix any problems.

Also make sure that your device driver is up to date and to disable the full screen optimization if you are playing on Windows 10.  These issues may be the cause of the failure to initialize Steam.

If all else fails, submit a ticket to PUBG's customer service to get specific information on how to fix your game. 

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corporation