Vivox Fortnite Skin: Everything You Need to Know

Vivox Fortnite skin is an in-game outfit data miners discovered in the game's files after Fortnite Season 8's release. According to those leaks, the skin's official title is Carbon Commando. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Vivox Fortnite Skin: Everything You Need to Know

The Vivox Fortnite skin's reveal by data miners showed it would likely be part of a bundle deal tied to Vivox.

Vivox is a voice and text chat platform that Epic Games uses to create its in-game voice chat for Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, which otherwise does not support voice chat.

Leaks unveiling the skin were published in late February, but the skin has yet to appear in-game or be discussed by Epic Games itself. As a result, information about pricing remains unavailable. The skin did appear during the ESL Katowice Royale, which featured players wearing several unreleased skins as a result of its ruleset.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games/Fortnite Insider