Fortnite dropper code is the only way to get your hands on the Creative map taking Fortnite by storm. This map is the latest addition to an all-new game mode in Fortnite that turns gameplay on its head. Here's how to play it.

Fortnite Dropper Code: How to Get it

Fortnite droppers are creative maps that task players with dropping through an obstacle course, avoiding all the objects in their path, to land safely on a bounce pad at the bottom. They test both execution and puzzle-solving skills, as choosing the right path often means as much as squeaking through the holes in the obstacles just right.

The latest Fortnite dropper map to hit the big time is one called Fortnite Dropper V1.5, by a user named Henwy. It contains 10 levels of dropping, with hidden coins to collect in each level. Players can check it out with the Creative code 5818-4876-6080, or any of his previous creations via his Fortnite Tracker page.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games