​PUBG Xbox remains as buggy as a swamp, and with the soupy playabilty to match. The game is in need of several fixes and improvements, and Update #6 has the chance to implement many. Here are three changes we want in PUBG Xbox Update #6.

1. More (and Better) Building Render Fixes

For about as long as PUBG Xbox has existed, buildings have had trouble rendering by the time players arrive on the map. Countless lives have been snuffed out by players who shot through buildings they couldn't see, or by others whose buildings loaded first and allowed them to loot inside. PUBG Xbox Update #5 introduced some fixes to this rendering problem, but the fixes were far from comprehensive. PUBG Corp needs to address this problem immediately.

2. Better Fixes for Cars Falling Through Vikendi

Another problem supposedly solved in PUBG Xbox Update #5, cars falling through the map has, in fact, persisted. Players continue to report the phenomenon online, meaning PUBG Corp still has work to do in making its game playable.

3. Better Frame Rates

Frame rate problems have ​plagued PUBG Xbox since its release as a result of both the Xbox One's aging hardware and PUBG Corp's pitiful optimization job. While frame rates have slowly risen over the course of the game's life, they're still unplayably low in some cases by modern standards. PUBG Corp should redouble its efforts to stamp this problem out once and for all.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp