PUBG gun stats are necessary knowledge for players who hope to compete at the top level. Knowing which guns to prioritize and why can make a huge difference in how a player performs in any given match.

PUBG Corp doesn't release official information about the stats for each weapon. Fans must conduct their own tests, leading to some disparity in how some weapons perform according to different sites. The stats available online are still a good resource, as they can, when combined, approach the truth. Here are three resources to find the best PUBG gun stats.

PUBG Gun Stats: The PUBG Wiki

The ​PUBG wiki offers has an impressive data base of stats for PUBG's guns, including damage against different levels of armor, bullet speed, ​spread and more. It also acknowledges the shortcomings of fan-sourced weapon stats, speaking to the rigor of the testing involved in gathering the data.

PUBG Gun Stats: Ranked Boost

​Ranked Boost has a less comprehensive collection of weapon stats, but it offers other useful advantages. For one, it sorts the weapons into tiers based on their stats, making the whole experience easier. For another, it lists out the benefits bestowed by all the attachments in the game. Unfortunately, the site hasn't been updated recently enough to include the 3x sight, making its data slightly suspect.​

PUBG Gun Stats: Interactive Map

This ​fan-made site is perhaps the best interface for exploring PUBG gun stats. Using its intuitive interface, users can choose weapons, armor types, distances and more to see how effective each gun is in a multitude of situations. Its numbers are also scraped from data mining the game itself, making them reliable.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp