Apex Legends New Character Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends new character release date is a hot topic these days, as the Battle Pass expected to add the character to the game is slated to arrive this month. Here's everything we know so far about when the new Apex Legends character will arrive.

Apex Legends New Character Release Date

Most of the data we have so far about the new character comes from leaks that have publicized information discovered in Apex Legends' game files. Those leaks have painted a picture both of what the new Legend will be and, roughly, when it will release.

According to those leaks, the next Legend will be called Octane. A Mad Max-inspired adrenaline junkie, Octane will be able to passive heal when out of combat, speed up at the cost of maximum health and deploy a launch pad.

The leaks claim Octane will drop alongside the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass, and that both will arrive Tuesday, March 12.

The only piece of information confirmed by Respawn Entertainment​ is that the Battle Pass will release in March. For now, Tuesday is our best bet for when the next Apex Legend champion will release.

UPDATE (3:47 p.m. ET March 12): Respawn Entertainment announced Tuesday the Battle Pass -- and subsequently any new Legend -- would ​not be coming out today. No release date has been revealed.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts