Ameng Overwatch, the star Chengdu Hunters tank who made a name for himself all but overnight, is suddenly a sensation in the Overwatch League. Ding "Ameng" Menghan has been playing Overwatch since launch, but his performance against the Vancouver Titans on Sunday launched him to stardom. Here are three interesting facts to know about the Hammond expert.

Ameng Overwatch: His Name is Based on an Anime

According to a fan on Twitter​, several members of the Chengdu Hunters took their fans from various animated properties. Ameng in particular took his from the Chinese version of the manga and anime "Doraemon," which means his name is pronounced "AY-mong."

Ameng Overwatch: Started in Contenders China

​Ameng began his Overwatch career even before Contenders reached China, playing for the Chinese team Legend Young Beyond under the name vanessa. From there, he jumped to Moss Seven Club in Contenders China 2018 Season 1. His results hit their peak once he signed onto LGD_Gaming, where he earned his place on the Hunters.

Ameng Overwatch: He Loves Hammond

This one is hardly a secret, but the sheer portion of Ameng's playtime in the league dedicated to Wrecking Ball is truly impressive. The player has spent more than 75 percent of his game time on the hamster ball, followed by 15 percent on Reinhardt and just over 8 percent on Orisa.​

Photo by Robert Paul/Blizzard