​Overwatch Redditor showcases an interesting pairing between Mei's Wall and Symmetra's Teleporter.

If you're looking for a way to break through the point, this might help.

The​ Reddit post shows a Reinhardt using the teleporter on top of the Mei wall and launches off to charge the unsuspecting enemy Reinhardt. If your team is struggling to push through the first point to unlock the payload, try this strategy to move your team in a different direction. 

Sometimes, the unique play is the one that works. While this may seem like a bug, this play is using the mechanics correctly. However, ​there are still plenty of bugsThe game's latest Overwatch PTR patch added a number of bug fixes. Baptiste received a few visual and audio updates to his kit, and was also given bug fixes for his Amplification Matrix. Enemies will no longer have their damage amplified by the opposing team's Amplification Matrix. Heroes like Moira and Mercy also received a few bug changes.