​Popular steamer Michael "shroud' Grzesiek has announced on Twitter that he will undergo surgery on his elbow Monday, which expects to throw off his streaming schedule.

It's not known what caused the injury, but he initially tweeted Monday saying he wouldn't stream and to blame his scooter, and he followed that up with the announcement of his surgery.

This couldn't come at a worst time for shroud, who recently hit 100,000 subscribers and is one of the most popular streamers in the world. It's known that any time away from streaming can drastically affect your subscriptions, so he could take a hit until he returns. 

He doesn't state the severity of the surgery or how long he will be out of commission. 

Shroud was one of the main Twitch influencers to push Apex Legends and quickly became the main focus of any fan wanting to watch Apex Legends. He had the highest viewership during the announcement of Apex Legends and every Twitch Rivals or Code Red tournament, he was the main focus. While other names like Coby “dizzy” Meadows have made a name for themselves through Apex Legends, shroud is still the name to watch.

Photo courtesy of DreamHack