Shark Attack Fortnite Code

​Shark Attack Fortnite Code will give players access to a new creative game mode made by notnellaf.

Players have been using the Fortnite Creative mode to create their own unique maps for others to check out. For example, ​Weezer has its own amusement park map in ​Fortnite to promote The Black Album. 

Out of the numerous creative game modes, the Shark Attack map has risen in popularity. Here is how to access it and the rules of the game.

Shark Attack Fortnite Code

The map is called "Shark Attack!" and ​will be able to fit between 2-12 players. The creative code for this mode is 9446-6856-4902

According to notnellaf's ​post on Reddit, one team will be composed of Sailors and another team will be composed of Sharks. The Sailors try to defend their boat while the Sharks use jump pads to launch themselves out of the water to attack the ship. Each side is equipped with hunting rifles and everyone has low health such that they are killed after taking one shot. Players will be able to choose which team to join and the first side to reach 10 kills will win the game. 

​​Photo courtesy of notnellaf and Epic Games