Devil May Cry 5 Sales Numbers were quite high.

In fact, the Devil May Cry 5 release was CAPCOM's second largest PC launch ever, bested only by Monster Hunter: World.

Devil May Cry 5 Sales Numbers

​​Devil May Cry 5 sold ​more than 3 million game copies on Steam alone in its debut weekend. This means that after accounting for sales on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game is likely nearing 4 million copies sold. Its peak player count on the Steam platform was 88,735 players, beating out Resident Evil 2's peak of 74,024 but still far behind Monster Hunter: World's peak of 329,333. Suffice to say, it looks like Monster Hunter: World will be CAPCOM's most successful game for the time being. 

But that shouldn't take away from Devil May Cry 5's accomplishments. The fact that the game has already surpassed the popular Resident Evil 2 remake's numbers is quite impressive. The game has generally received positive reviews from players old and new. The game's classic combat mechanics combine with new abilities and music to create an exciting gaming experience. 

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Photo courtesy of CAPCOM