The next Overwatch update should  include not only the release of support hero Baptiste, but also changes to the current 3-3/GOATS meta and belated changes to leaver penalties.

Fix Leaver Penalties

​This is perhaps not an obvious change but still very much needed. For months now, even if you leave a game after the timer ends for someone else on your team that leaves a game, you gain drastically less SR if you win your next competitive game. Players can also cancel a competitive game less than one minute into it even if they lose the first fight. These broken changes need to be addressed and fixed by Blizzard as they hamper an already unpopular competitive experience.

Do Something about GOATS

The ​GOATS meta has dominated the game for months on end, and it is safe to say even high level connoisseurs of the game that understand this meta are getting tired of it. Recent changes to Junkrat and Lucio may not be enough to kill the meta. The answer to solving GOATS may lie in reducing the power of healing and ultimate charge rates.

Baptiste Release

Baptiste, ​Overwatch hero 30, could be released as soon as next week​. The new support hero is ​extremely versatile, and it will be interesting to see how he affects the meta. There will still be some time before players can try him in competitive, but prepare for an influx of Baptiste mains in your games.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment