3 Takeaways From Overwatch League Week 4

As the stage playoffs near, competition in the Blizzard Arena has heated up. Week 4 brought not only clean sweeps by dominant teams, but also some of the closest games so far this season. All things considered, it was a fantastic week of Overwatch topped off by one of the best performances by a main tank player.

3. Disaster for the Valiant

The Los Angeles Valiant has truly hit rock bottom. After a horrendous but very much winnable match against the Houston Outlaws ended in a stunning defeat, head coach Byung-chul "Moon" Moon was relieved of his duties. With only 28 games in a season, the Valiant has already lost a quarter of them. For the Valiant, not only Stage 1 playoffs but the entire season's hopes could already be dashed. 

2. Paris Exposed

The Eternal played two matches in a week for the first time in team history and came up empty. Since defeating the Spitfire and Gladiators to start the season, the Eternal has been throttled in 4-0 sweeps courtesy of the Atlanta Reign and Vancouver Titans, and a 3-1 defeat at the hands of the San Francisco Shock. For a team once boasting to be the best GOATS team in the League, the trash talk has quickly settled down. The Eternal was once considered by some to be in the same tier as the Titans and New York Excelsior; those expectations have quickly vanished. 

1. The Legend of Ameng

Menghan "Ameng" Ding was a relatively unknown main tank player out of China. He was a Hammond one-trick player starting for the Hunters only because the real main-tank player was stuck in "visa hell".  But he has quickly become the face of the Hunters; his Hammond play has been jaw-dropping good.

Ameng had a breakout performance against the undefeated Titans. On Route-66, he played Reinhardt against Park "Bumper" Sang-beom, considered by many to be the best in the League. Although regarded as a relatively poor Reinhardt player himself, Ameng stunned the crowd by completely outplaying Bumper. Although the Hunters would go on to lose the match, in the words of caster Connor "Avast" Prince, Ameng was a Pokemon that evolved mid-game.

 Photo courtesy of Blizzard