PUBG Xbox has been slowly improving over the past few months, but many of its most deeply entrenched problems persist. Frame rates continue to stutter at an unacceptable rate for a major game title in 2019, players still fall through the map when driving vehicles, and the play experience continues to suffer for it all.

Perhaps most frustrating of all ​PUBG Xbox's problems is the slow rendering of buildings. Players constantly drop into maps only to find the buildings completely invisible. They can't be entered or looted, but they can be shot through. This creates all kinds of problems.

For PUBG Xbox players without solid state drives, that means being kept from much of the good loot. In the early game, where having a gun right away often makes the difference between life and death, this bug forces players to run away or face an early grave.

When those players do manage to find weapons, they gain a steep advantage over those with solid state drives. While the SSD owners can loot the buildings first, they can be shot through walls that the non-SSD owners can't even see.

PUBG Corp has struggled for months to address the problem, but the solution appears nowhere in sight. If the developer wants its game to have any hope of retaining its player base, it needs to fix this problem in the next PUBG Xbox update.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp